Top nutritional facts that you may be ignorin

Every day we are bombarded by news and publicity that talk about maintaining a healthy life. Only at the time of writing this article, I was exposed to more than 10 ads that promoted nutritional products. In this way, it is very difficult to say that we do not know any concept of the field of nutrition. Think of the word nutrition, now count how many things come to your mind when you hear that word. Surely, you will be thinking of gyms, yogurts, exercise, salads, cereals ,and many other things that represent a healthy life. If you thought about that when you focused on the word nutrition, surely I should send a congratulation letter to the marketing managers of the nutritionist companies (This is a joke) The truth is that if you thought about that, surely you can already say that you have a certain notion of nutrition. Now, let’s discover together some of the things we may not know about nutrition.

 Many people exceed the consumption of vitamins

This case is quite common in every part of the world. What happens is that people have no idea what they are eating. For example, a person can eat a salad. However, the common thought is that salad is only a low calorie intake. It is very difficult for someone to say that they consumed all their vitamins and minerals because they ate a salad. In this case, many people buy vitamin supplements that, perhaps, simply do not need. At the end of the day, all these people consumed a greater amount of vitamins than the levels recommended by the doctors. The best you can do is call your doctor and ask him or her whether or not you should use vitamin supplements.

What about natural herbal supplements?

If you go to a pharmacy, you should read what is contained in the nutritional supplements based on herbs, roots and fruits. In many cases, the ingredients that these products claim to have are not the same. Therefore, we can see how many people lose their money in deceptive products and do not achieve any of the promised results.

That says “Natural” does not mean it’s good

Many marketing campaigns use the word natural to make people think that these products are good for our health. However, many of these foods that are, according to the companies, natural do not have less fat, calories or a lower amount of carbohydrates. You can see in the product packaging all the necessary information about the product you are considering purchasing.

Did you know that you can consume fat?

This does not mean that if you are on a diet you should eat a hamburger at the nearest McDonald’s. But, this means that there are several products that contain a high level of fat but that can be consumed because this fat is soluble or easy to digest. You can find these fats in soy, fish, avocado, olive oil, among others.

Children need to know about nutrition

Helping your children to take care of themselves from an early age will save you thousands of problems in the future. In this way, you can begin to teach them little by little how to differentiate bad foods from good ones, since when they are not with you, children will be bombarded by ads and other influences so that they consume junk food.

Fibers are your friends to lower cholesterol

When a person begins a professional nutritional program, one of the most important elements that integrates into their diet is fiber. This element reduces your body’s ability to absorb cholesterol. That way, the cholesterol levels in your blood will be much lower.

Breakfast should not be ignored

That thousands of people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is not coincidence. Actually, breakfast helps reduce your anxiety levels. Also, it will prevent you from feeling hungry all day long. Breakfast will definitely help you feel more energized during your activities.

You should not divorce your favorite food

Personally, I like to eat pizza and hamburgers. And having these tastes is fine as long as you are careful not to exceed or consume them so often. You can see it as a reward, if you stay on your diet for a month, you can buy your favorite dish. Being on a diet does not mean you should always martyr yourself.

It is important to know how to read the product labels.

The labels that we see in the products are usually quite difficult to read or interpret. However, we should not sit idly by. Our responsibility is to learn to interpret each of the components of these labels.

Water is the key to ensure your success

Many people forget that they should consume enough water during the day. It is not enough to include salads, fruits and other healthy foods to our diet. Whatever we do, we must remember that water is an essential factor so that our body can correctly digest all the food we consume. In addition, water is life, so not taking the necessary amounts of this vital liquid can harm our health.

Salt is not so bad

When talking about salt I remembered how much I like to eat salty desserts after lunch. That’s why I kept thinking for a moment and I asked myself, is salt really that bad? The truth is that moderate amounts of sodium help regulate blood pressure. However, when you consume this mineral in an exaggerated way, you will run the risk of suffering from high blood pressure.

Protein is not the queen of energy sources

When I started exercising, in my mind protein was the source of energy that I needed to improve the performance of my muscles and help me to reduce my weight. However, I have realized that protein is not the main source of energy, but it is the same physical activity that helps our body to be full of more energy.


In the world of nutrition, there are an infinity of factors that can be curious. Especially, because we have generalized different concepts, and by generalizing them they distort and cause confusion.